(N)SecuritÚ Chantelle, PER f 22

CH. (N) Du Monet Oh My Gosh ! PER e x Avonlea Dreams Olivia , PER n 22

Pedigree: https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=157892


(N)SecuritÚ Molin Rouge , PER d

IC. Shuturi's Lord Calvert, PER d x IC (N) Du Monet Dressed Like A Diva, PER f

Pedigree: https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=156713


IC (N)Du Monet Dressed Like A Diva, PER f

SC(N)SecuritÚ Dressed Like Armani,DSM PER n x CH.(N) Du Monet Diva With Attitude, PER d




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