Our new boy from Italy

IT*Welcome Freddie M of SÚcuritÚ


Our beloved neuter boy

SC (N)SecuritÚ Dressed Like Armani, DSM




" Lille Candy "

IC (N)Du Monet Dressed Like A Diva

Chip 4-5 month

Foggy Dew Ballistic Blue Heaven , blue ( Lilleprinsen)


" Tage "

(N)SecuritÚ My Little Princess, PER f 03

" Mille "


Sir Toby

(N)SÚcuritÚ Sir Toby

Owner: Ingvild Helland Fiksdal

(N)SÚcuritÚ Colargol

(N)SÚcuritÚ Gloria

owner : Elisabeth Ese

Mia Rachel and Tag Hauer

Rune with EC Athelstones Candy Rat

(N)SÚcuritÚ Sir Lancelot

Chaos and Manley

(N)SecuritÚ Chaos, PER d 03

Chaos with the gift to daddy from Elisabeth Ese , it is aproved :-)

Our beloved dog Mille enjoy the "beachlife"



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